Reasons for Travelling Independently at Least Once in Your Life


There are valid reasons for you to fear travelling alone especially if you are heading to another country. You worry about your safety. You also think that people will be hostile to you. Worse, you might get lost, and you can’t ask anyone due to the language barrier. Before you shut down the idea of independent travel, you need to understand the benefits first to motivate you to give it a try. Find the best places to visit through Not in the Guide Books and make the arrangements now.

You can do whatever you want

When you are travelling alone, you have no one else to consider but yourself. It is not like visiting with a large group of people. You need to consider their time and pace. You also need to compromise by going to places you don’t want, but the rest want. You might even eat in a restaurant you don’t like because the group decided to eat there. When you are alone, you can visit a lot of places, and you can move as fast as you want. India is a beautiful country with tons of tourist attractions. You can visit it alone, and it will be a fruitful trip.

It is cheaper

You might think that you are not spending too much money when you are travelling with a group because you are dividing the expenses. However, the truth is that when you share the payments, you might not necessarily be paying only for your portion. You are also covering for them. You don’t want them to feel bad, so you decide to agree with whatever the decision is regarding the division of expenses.

Your schedule is flexible

When travelling with a group, you have no choice but to follow the plan. You need to wake up at a particular time and sleep early because you might be late for the trip the following day. You also need to hurry up when visiting places since you don’t want to be the last to come back. When you are not with anyone, you can do whatever you want with your time, and no one will tell you to speed things up. If you are travelling to Tuscany for instance, you will find a lot of beautiful spots with breath taking scenery. You want to take your time to appreciate the place before moving ahead. However, when you are with a group, you can only stay for a few minutes before moving somewhere else.

You can feel proud of yourself

You might worry a lot before the trip, but when you survive it, you will feel proud of yourself. You know that you tried a lot of things alone, and you managed to come back home safely. You also tried doing things you never knew you could. You can brag about this experience to your family and friends. You can even use it in your resume should you apply for jobs in the future. Your independence and risk-taking behaviour are an asset for job applications.


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