Exciting Food Gift Ideas for Christmas


It is Christmas time again, and it is the time of the year to start searching for gifts. If you are running out of ideas, you can consider giving food as gifts. Everyone is in a festive mood and will appreciate something to add to their table for Christmas dinner. These are the best gift ideas to choose from.

Chestnut truffles

This delicious classic truffle can now have a unique and nutty twist with the addition of chestnut. The truffle has the right blend of sweetness and saltiness. The added texture from the chestnut makes the truffles even more exciting to eat.

Miso caramels

Christmas is the time when you forgive yourself for overeating sweets. Therefore, giving miso caramels as a gift would not be a bad idea. They might be extremely sweet, but who would not want extra sweetness for this season? Make sure you use a grease-proof wrap for the caramels.

Chocolate cookie pizza

You can now give a pizza with a twist. Instead of the regular dough with toppings, you can have a pizza entirely made of cookies. It is crunchy on the outside but extremely chewy on the inside. It is a perfect crowd-pleaser.

Christmas chutney

Give a jar of chutney for Christmas since it will not only last for the season. Since it is an exciting gift idea, you might even want to buy (or make) more, and keep some for yourself.

Cherry triangles

If you want to make a gift, you can do cherry triangles. They are easy to make. In 15 minutes, you can have a wonderful Christmas gift. The addition of these triangles will make the Christmas celebration even more fun for the kids.

Blackberry whisky

For whisky lovers, you can give this blackberry whisky. It is not your usual whisky because of the fruity twist. The subtle spiciness of blackberry makes this beverage even more exciting. You can prepare one at home using blended scotch mixed with toasted spices.

Organic cheese

Who would not love eating cheese at Christmas? You might even want to have all sorts of cheeses on your table. If you’re going to surprise your friends, you can give organic cheese that you can buy along with other delicious farm shop gift sets. The good thing about organic cheese is that it is healthy, and it comes from cows that receive proper treatment. You will receive lots of nutrients from organic cheese, so gaining weight is not necessarily a concern.

Homemade marshmallows

Kids love marshmallows, and they will enjoy them even more if they taste nothing like the ones that are commercially available. It might take time to perfect the recipe, but it will be worth it. You need to practice several times before you get the right mixture.

Now, you already have lots of choices for Christmas presents. It is time to buy or prepare them at home. Don’t forget wrapping them in festive wrappers to make them look unique.

Image: Unsplash.com

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