Celebrities that are also Artists


Hollywood is home to many exceptionally multi-talented people, who are all seemingly working on an endless array of projects. And while you would not be shocked to read about one of these Renaissance men or women acting, directing or working on an album very few get the attention they deserve for their amazing artwork. In truth, there are a large number of actors and recording artists that are artistically gifted. Here are four celebrities that are also talented artists.

James Franco

When Franco isn’t teaching, acting, directing or writing everyone’s favorite overachieving intellectual is exhibiting his paintings in International galleries. Franco’s paintings are mainly abstracts and are reminiscent of children’s drawings.

Lucy Liu

Liu is best known for her many death-defying action roles and her role as Watson on the CBS series Elementary. But she’s also a talented artist and she recently showcased decades of her artwork. Liu works in diverse mediums and art forms such as painting, collage art and even sculpture. Her pieces were inspired by everything from 9/11 to pop culture. To see her collections just to visit lucyliu.net.

Jemima Kirke

Known best for her portrayal of Jessa on HBO’s “Girls” Kirke is also an accomplished painter. She earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design in 2008. Last year she showed her portraits of female sitters at the San Francisco gallery Fouladi Projects and was held for her gritty and off balance depiction of the female form. It is also notable that she has used her fame as a platform to debate sexism in the art world.

Swizz Beatz

The DJ and producer who’s best known for his beats and being Mr. Alicia Keys is also a well-known art collector and talent painter. He cites Basquiat and Haring as his primary sources of inspiration and wants to open a member’s only art club in SoHo where artists can meet and create together.

Now that you know who some of the best celebrity artists are be sure to check out their next gallery opening. And for amazing deals on trips to galleries and museums all over the world visit travelocity.com.

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