Tips To Gain Weight Faster With The Anadrol 50mg Dosages


Anadrol 50mg is a popular bodybuilding product in the market. You could use the supplement to enhance strength and endurance. If you follow the right cutting cycles, this is the most effective steroid ever developed.

The main purpose behind designing the supplement was to increase red blood cell count in the body. This helps the body to repair damaged tissue much efficiently. As a result, you will get larger muscles and better strength.

There are few signs that indicate you must stop taking the supplement like-

  • Excessive swelling in the tongue
  • Hives
  • Swelling in throat or near lips
  • Difficulty while breathing

Such symptoms are experienced by those individuals who are allergic to the steroid. It is important to seek medical help in such situations. Otherwise the situation can get worst. These symptoms are not experienced by every other user. However, if you have noticed them, do not ignore them.

Long term use of the supplement could also be dangerous. It can result in tumors on the liver. It is an indication that liver is facing difficulty to process the steroid. Besides this, cysts might develop on the spleen and liver.

Different Anadrol cycles for the users

The experts recommend three basic cycle options for the supplement. Before beginning the cycle, you have to understand that Anadrol is certainly not a flexible supplement. Hence, you must never alter the cycles. Else, you will have to experience serious consequences. Besides this, make sure that you do not take Anadrol with any other oral steroid. The mixture of these steroids will damage the liver.

If you are a beginner, 12 week cycle of 300mg testosterone enanthate will be appropriate. It is a slower supplement and you would not notice any positive effect in the initial weeks. It is only after 6 weeks you can expect a little improvement in the body.

The experienced bodybuilders and athletes can try eight week cycle of much powerful steroid. The Anadrol doses for men could be around 100mg of the supplement in a day. To maintain consistent flow of supplement in the body, they can divide the steroid four times a day.

In order to get the best results, they can consume additional supplements including the acetate and propionate alternatively. Besides this, they have to follow a strict diet and regular workout. If all the things fall in place, the bodybuilders will attain their desired shape.

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