Find a Cleaning Company that Focuses on Health and Safety


You hire cleaning staff at work because you want them to ensure that the office remains clean and organised. However, when they start cleaning up, they might use liquids and other chemicals that could cause risks. Therefore, while they clean the place, they need to observe proper cleaning techniques. You need the best cleaning in services provided by a company that will ensure safety.

Cleaning hours

For general cleaning services, you need to inform the cleaning staff to do it during the weekends or after office hours. It would be too messy if they started cleaning up when people are walking around. You might have employees who need to hurry to go to another area, or guests coming to enquire.


You also need a cleaning service company that offers a supervisor to ensure that the cleaning team is doing a great job. Someone needs to monitor the quality of the services provided to you. If you have problems, you can raise them with the supervisor. You can do the same if you have special requests that you can’t directly say to the cleaners.

Quality training

Before cleaning your office, the cleaning staff need to go through intense training. You might require different cleaning services at work apart from the regular janitorial and vacuuming services. You might ask them to segregate the garbage. You might also ask them to clean the carpets. These are skills that require rigorous training; otherwise, they can’t do the job well and could make the place look bad.

Use of cleaning agents

The cleaning agents used need to be safe and effective. Make sure they are of great quality and are safe. Some of these agents might cause allergic reactions upon direct contact or inhalation. They might even stay there for hours after application. If the employees come to the office after the cleaning team finish applying the said cleaning agents, it could cause health risks.

Safety of the cleaners

The cleaning agency you hire also needs to ensure the safety of their workers. They are technically not your employees. You retain the agency to send people to clean your office. They work for the cleaning agency, and it is the responsibility of the agency to ensure their safety. They need to have appropriate clothing and safety gear when doing their job. They also need to understand the risks and hazards of their job. They need to understand the instructions given to them for any task they need to finish.

Consideration of emergency routes

If the cleaning staff are doing their job, they need to ensure that they are not blocking the emergency escape routes. If something happens, it could put everyone at work in jeopardy. They can clean those areas when there is no one around.

Check the track record of the cleaning agency that you hire to avoid putting your employees and the cleaning staff at risk. You can sign a long-term partnership if you feel like the cleaning team does a great job.


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