Water storage tanks


Some of you out there may be wondering how an industrial grade water storage container may be put together and what exactly it’s made out of. If that happens to be the case then let me go ahead and ease your mind by thoroughly explaining it to you. We will first start by explaining what bolted tanks are exactly and then go into the specifications of what a water storage tank is exactly and what kind of construction it requires in specific.

Bolted tanks are a new more convenient, and less time consuming storage solution that can be used for liquids or dry goods. The bolted tanks can be used for things such as water, sand, grains, mud and many other things of the like. The bolted tank assembling process is quite simple especially when compared to other tank building methods such as welded tanks or concrete tanks. Bolted tanks are constructed by bolting together a multitude of steel panels that are manufactured and finished at a separate enclosed facility, in doing this you can prevent any on site finishing touches which prevents long term corrosion extending the life of your tank, like is often the case with welded tanks, because of the on site finishing touches there is a higher chance to expose the steel to corrosives. These panels are then transported to the site where they will be posted at and are assembled on site, in order to do this they are bolted together using the correct gaskets and fasteners for the type of product that will be stored within.

Now water storage tanks can be made from a few different types of material depending on what exactly is the specific need for the tank in question, although the standard building material for water storage tanks is, powder-coated carbon steel, galvanized carbon steel, fiberglass-reinforced carbon steel. Each of these materials is then paired with a specific type of gasket depending on which application the steel water tank will be used for, the gasket types are EPDM rubber, Bruna-

N, or Viton. Beyond that standard steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel can be either poly-capped or fully encapsulated in order to prevent leaks and corrosion. The types of steel used depends entirely on what is being stored within because different types of water require different things such as different coatings to prevent chemical reactions from wastewater and the like or simply from corroding your gaskets.

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