Steel Dealers


Texas Iron and Metal is one of many steel suppliers in Houston, though when it comes to good quality product and customer service in my opinion they are number one. they are a family owned and operated business that have been operating in this fashion for over 75 years. When Texas Iron and metal was in it’s infancy they had very humble beginnings, the whole company was originally operated out of a truck by company founder Max Moore. Now three quarters of a century later Mr Moore’s grandson Max Reichenthal has picked up the mantle that his grandfather once work so hard to make and Mr. Reichenthal continues to strive for excellence with all of his might to this day, aiming to have a great selection of prime steel less than prime steel products and surplus material as well as excellent customer service. In these years Texas Iron and Metal has managed to become one of the most trusted suppliers of steel in Houston. They have earned this title by consistently having product on hand, continually looking for high quality near mint condition surplus steel, as well as never being short-handed on their prime and less than prime steel not to mention how excellent their customer service is.

Texas Iron and Metal company has grown so much that it is one of the most trusted steel dealers in the Houston area. They feature a wide array of steel and metal products which include; angle irons, channel steel, UM plates, wide flange beams, standard I-beam, round bars (CR and HR), all sorts of piping, square and rectangular tubing, plates of steel, Sheet metal, floor plates, bar gratings, expanded metal, rebar, hex bars, tees, flanges, pipe fittings, welding wires and welding rods. These are all quality steel and metal products that the Texas iron and metal company offers, and make sure to have in stock at all times for your convenience. It is also worth noting that the Texas iron and Metal company also sell surplus metal. Surplus metal is simply metal that was leftover from projects that are now either finished or abandoned, so the Texas iron and metal company will gladly buy it from them and then resell it to you at a discounted price. This means that this may not be the only things for sale at any given moment, and so you may also find at a discounted price the products that are usually in stock in prime steel quality. The folks at Texas Iron and Metal will deliver anywhere in the continental united states, they also have same day pickup for anyone in the Houston area, and also for anyone in the Houston area there is a promotion that if you buy an order that is over four hundred dollars then you do not pay for delivery. At Texas iron and metal they will also cut and shape the steel product or metal product that you are purchasing to fit your needs and specifications at no extra charge, this coincidentally also makes it easier to transport the pieces so don’t be afraid to ask.

At Texas iron and metal they will guarantee that any of their prime steel products will always be in stock, their motto is “if you want, it we’ve got it – Now that’s supply on demand” they work very hard to keep their supply stocked of all advertised metal pieces so remember to use them when needing a steel dealers in Houston or anywhere in the united states.

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