Designing the Best Signage that Attracts Attention


The reason why you want to use signage is to attract attention. When people see interesting signs, they will feel enticed to enter an establishment or quickly locate a place they have been searching for. The cost of making the signage depends on several factors. Before you even think about it, you need to have the best design. You can read these tips and seek help from Afri Sign Company if you want to get started.

Start with the size

You need the right size which is appropriate for the signage and where you intend to hang it. If you want to have one outside an establishment where people can see the sign from afar, you need to have a huge one. It can also be a standard sign if you intend to put it in offices where people receive direction to the places they wish to visit. You can also have billboard-size signage if you want to put it along highways. Size affects cost, but it also depends on the message you want to convey.

Consider the location

The area where you want to put the signage will affect the design. For instance, if you want one on highways for everyone to see, the sign needs to be simple and straight to the point. Motorists will most likely look at the sign, and they are moving at a fast speed. They need to grasp the information right away. You can try to be more creative if you intend to use the signage within a building. It could be next to other signage, so you want to make it stand out. However, you also need to know the codes and regulations in the area where you are putting the signage to avoid legal trouble.

Find the best colour and graphics

You need to choose the most appropriate colour for your signage. You want to attract attention, so you need bold and over the top colours. Don’t be afraid to go all-out if you want people to notice the signage easily. However, in the process, don’t forget to consider your brand and identity. The colours and graphics you choose will reflect them. Most of all, you need to consider visibility as you select the images and colours.

Typography and message

Think of the message you want to convey with the sign. Avoid using long sentences and phrases since people won’t have time to read all of them. Also, if you use more letters, you might need to shrink the font size. If seen from afar, the signage will no longer be visible. Choose the right font that is easy to read but can capture attention. Avoid cursive letters that people will have a hard time reading. In regard to the size, you need to use 10 inches for every foot of visibility.

Once you finish designing, you will have the right signage for the purpose you want to use it. You can also ask others to check the design before printing.


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