Stormwater management.


In order to save you space the Truegrid system helps you by eliminating completely the need for a  rain retention pond in your parking area allowing you the use of one hundred percent of your land. The way that the Truegrid system achieves this is because the Truegrid system retains the water underneath your parking surface. It is also noteworthy that because of the atypical construction of the Truegrid system most of the pollutants in the rain water will get filtered out, things like heavy metals, vehicle chemicals that may leak, and debris. This happens through the process of bioremediation through the water. The now purified water is what seeps underneath into the aquifer and is then recycled into the city. Thanks to the water retention being done underneath the parking surface there is a greatly reduced chance of flooding, meaning that having one of these in the neighborhood can raise the safety standard of your living area greatly.

The advantages of having a Truegrid system are not only community based but also play heavily on cost. Although it is true that concrete or pavement are less costly initially it’s worth noting that asphalt and concrete only have a lifespan of fifteen to twenty years, while on the other hand the Truegrid system has a life of over sixty years. The fact that concrete and asphalt require constant and costly maintenance to maintain both appearance and structural stability is also something that Truegrid user’s don’t have to worry about. Furthermore asphalt, concrete and gravel are all heavily taxed due to the fact that they have many issues when it comes to water retention and as I’ve mentioned before the Truegrid system is really very good at stormwater management and because of this many taxes and fees that would normally be associated to that no longer apply to you saving you additional money.

The reason why asphalt and concrete need constant repairs and have a short life span of fifteen to twenty years is due to the fact that with time changes in temperature and climate these materials will crack and break, the Truegrid¬† system is made to be flexible so that these kind of conditions don’t affect it, because Truegrid is made to be used in all climates and needs minimal maintenance throughout the years. In addition Truegrid is much more aesthetically pleasing than most asphalt for example while asphalt is simply a black slate it’s also true that it soaks up the heat of the day and then radiates it out which can be very inconvenient. On the other hand the Truegrid system is either grass or gravel which is not only cooler because it doesn’t absorb heat nearly as much but also it is much more aesthetically pleasing. Although it may not look it Truegrid is actually many times stronger than concrete specially once filled the Truegrid system can withstand many PSI of pressure, meaning that it can withstand heavy foot and vehicle traffic without hindering it’s structural stability.

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